Xpress Lube & Tires is your one-stop-shop for all your wheel and tire needs. From simple replacements and snow tires to custom wheel and tire packages we do it all… and FAST!

When you come to Xpress Lube & Tires for new rubber, we will provide you with a list of options for each vehicle and budget. We carry many of the most trusted brands in stock such as Hankook, Michellin, Sumitomo, Perilli, Goodyear, Yokohoma and Toyo. We even have our own house brand called Sailun. In most cases we can have you new tires installed and your car ready to do in about an hour.

Winter tires… they just make sense. Xpress Lube & Tires carry a wide selection of winter tires to keep you on the road and out of the ditch. Play it safe this winter and have Xpress Lube & Tires fit your vehicle with the right set of winter tires and rims. As a value added service we will also store the set of tires you are not using for a low fee per season.

Xpress Lube & Tires is your local Nitrogen Fill Station. Have your tires inflated with nitrogen today. The larger nitrogen molecules help maintain tire pressure and eliminate moisture. This will reduce tread wear and improve your vehicles fuel mileage and overall safety. Contact us for more details and pricing.
Wheel Balancing
$10.00 per wheel.

Installation & Balancing (Most cars)
Steel Rims: $15.00 per wheel or FREE with tire purchase.
Alloy Rims: $20.00 wheel or FREE with tire purchase.

Seasonal Tire Storage
$60.00 per set per season.
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